While waiting for another session to start at TechSummit some colleagues @markmeulemans Bill Mansfield and I had the discussion around when is a dedicated Edge Cluster actually necessary.  This is the outcome of that discussion. Like many other VMware products, NSX for vSphere can actually be deployed in a relativity small footprint.  This is especially true for Proof of Concept / training / nested lab environments.  The decision to do things like a dedicated Management, Edge, and Payload cluster are typically “for us” associated with customer imposed constraints.  These constraints are often physical data center layout, compute limitations, or legacy design. Dedicated Edge Cluster HavingRead More →

In my case I had a network outage in my lab which resulted in the VCA, NSX Manager, Platform Services Controller, nearly everything to crash or hang.  Upon restart of the VCA and PSC I received the some errors associated with /dev/mapper/log_vg-log partition.  Asking me to fix the error manually. The problem was if I follow the instructions to enable the shell so I can run fsck, I simply get an unknown command error. Here is what I had to do to get moving again. Hit Control-D or Reboot the vCSA using the vSphere Client. When the GRUB bootloader appears, press the spacebar to disable autoboot.Read More →

I have a customer who recently told me they are ripping out the LACP configuration on their vSphere hosts.  I asked them why and they simply stated… “It’s difficult to configure and deploy, additionally we want to start leveraging vSphere Auto-Deploy and host profiles for deploying new hosts!“ This prompted me to set off on the journey of configuring LACP in my lab and see what’s to this “hard to configure stuff”.  Well it turns out that it can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you cannot have any downtime during the migration.  I attempted several methods and failed a ton of timesRead More →