While waiting for another session to start at TechSummit some colleagues @markmeulemans Bill Mansfield and I had the discussion around when is a dedicated Edge Cluster actually necessary.  This is the outcome of that discussion. Like many other VMware products, NSX for vSphere can actually be deployed in a relativity small footprint.  This is especially true for Proof of Concept / training / nested lab environments.  The decision to do things like a dedicated Management, Edge, and Payload cluster are typically “for us” associated with customer imposed constraints.  These constraints are often physical data center layout, compute limitations, or legacy design. Dedicated Edge Cluster HavingRead More →

VMware Honored for Professional Service Innovation & Excellence by Tech Services Industry Association -VMware Radius VMware Honored for Professional Services… VMware Professional Services is the 2016 Award Winner for Innovation in Enabling Customer Outcomes at the Technology Services World Conference. VMware Social Media AdvocacyRead More →

So your environment has firewalls in between foundational layers of infrastructure such as management and workloads. What are the basic ports you need to have open for NSX to operate? These ports are taken directly out of the administrator’s guide found on VMware’s website, but have been organized into a visual representation for ease. VMware NSX DocumentationRead More →

So recently at a customer we had the dreaded Not Ready Status under Networking and Security, Installation.  Clicking on Resolve does not fix the issue.  While this can be several things the most common issue is Update Manager not being available, closely followed by time.  Yep, time not being in-sync between vCenter, NSX Manager, SSO, and the ESXi hosts. However getting the details in the logs will give you a narrowed focus.  Whenever you have VIB installation issues always check the host logs and the vCenter logs. ESXi Logs /var/log/esxupdate.log vCenter Logs /storage/log/vmware/vpx/eam.log on Linux vCenter ProgramData/VMware/VMware VirtualCenter/Logs/ on Windows vCenter To see detailed stepsRead More →